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Make A Self-Empowering Fashion Statement With Global Stylist Anne Marie Dubois’s New Book ‘The Power of Color’

There is a new book on the block connecting the world of fashion with the healing power of spirituality. Chilean born, Anne Marie Dubois, is a stylist and international speaker affirming that color is the avenue for enhancing self-love in her book, The Power of Color. The book is refreshing and inspiring as it mixes the arts of fashion, spirituality, music, dance, and self-expression into one insightful and enjoyable experience. As much as she loves beauty,  Anne Marie loves to empower women and her book is a culmination of both.

 Photo credit Anne Marie Dubois
Photo credit Anne Marie Dubois

The Power of Color is about having awareness and an intention when dressing yourself. You aren’t simply putting on clothes, but rather making a statement. Anne Marie chooses to make this experience of finding your style enjoyable and a deep connection to inner strength by recognizing your power color. Anne Marie shares how women can embody their inner superstar and names Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez and other powerful women to follow as examples. Each role model is connected to a desirable quality, a power color, and uplifting music. When you’ve found the color that expresses the authentic you, it becomes easier to live as you are from the inside out. Anne Marie wants women to fall in love with themselves because she believes “the most important relationship you have is the relationship with yourself!”

After an arduous journey to self-love and spirituality, Anne Marie Dubois shares a message of self-love and celebration from her native Chile to the U.S. and beyond. She became “The Queen of Color” having studied Image Consulting at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. She has extensive knowledge of cultivating a personal style and infusing color to add vibrancy to one’s wardrobe and overall being. She’s been a personal shopper for her clients and an image consultant for brands. Anne Marie has even hosted runway shows for designers and worked the New York Fashion Week for Hugo Boss, DKNY, and Reem Acra.

 Photo credit Anne Marie Dubois
Photo credit Anne Marie Dubois

The Power of Color seems to be the creative collaboration of Anne Marie’s work as a professional fashionista and lifestyle guru. As an international speaker, she travels offering women events on self-empowerment and leveling up to the best version of themselves. It’s no surprise then that her event series is called Level Up! There she teaches self-image through color, leads guided meditations, and the pillars for living a balanced and level up lifestyle. She even offers Style & Brunch gatherings for women looking to reinvent themselves.

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