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Almost Half of Spotify’s Most Streamed Global Songs This Summer Were by Latino Artists

Bad Bunny performs at Coachella Stage during the 2019 Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival. Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Coachella

It turns out you’re not the only one with “Otro Trago,” “Callaita,” and (unfortunately, in my case since the VMAs this past Monday) “Señorita” stuck in your head. Before summer even begins to lurk, artists like Daddy Yankee and Drake are already vying for the coveted song of the summer spot. From what’s playing the loudest in barrios to what’s streamed the most on platforms like Spotify, there are a slew of factors that determine what songs can claim the title. Though media outlets, this one included, weave together a list of contenders at the start of summer, sometimes the actual winners can take you by surprise.

Sech and Darrell’s “Otro Trago” isn’t one of those. The club banger took the seventh spot in Spotify’s newly released list of most-streamed songs of the summer globally. (The 20-item list, btw, is made up of nearly half Latinx/Latin American artists.) Two months ago, music editor Eduardo Cepeda wrote that the song “features the kind of undeniably catchy chorus that will stay in your head for weeks. And with an upcoming (and much-teased) posse remix featuring just about every big name in urbano, this has a real chance of ruling the summer.” His prediction, as evidenced by charts and DJ sets around the world, was correct.

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