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Me encanta Encantos Media . Their mission to help kids and families see the very best of themselves by creating and nurturing culturally-inspired content into beloved global brands es perfección.

They are committed to closing the gaps of access, education and opportunity through their brands. As a public benefit corporation, they put diversity, equality and inclusion at the core of everything they do.

 Photo credit: Canticosworld.com
Photo credit: Canticosworld.com

Encantos Media is bringing brands to life via books and consumer products to name a few. Just take a look at Canticos and this fun group of friends that are here to play by following their adventures in the world of Canticos. We can’t wait to learn more about the cast: Benji, Ricky, Sammy, Kiki, Lili y Pin Pon.

Go check them out!

 Photo credit: Encantos Facebook
Photo credit: Encantos Facebook

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