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Hair Love by Matthew A. Cherry

 PC Hair Love Movie PC Hair Love Movie

Research shows a powerful and positive impact on children of color when accurate reflections of their culture are represented in media.

We have all heard the adage “if they can see it, they can be it” and nothing holds more true for children who want to see their hair style portrayed in media.

Nominated for Outstanding Short Film at the 2020 Black Reel Awards, Hair Love plays an immense role in promoting positivity and hair love.

It means a lot for people to see the true reflection of their cultural identity. This animated film will help boost self-confidence and foster the need to appreciate their hair, however they wear it.

The short animated film by Cherry plays a vital role in promoting diversity and representation within animation. The film does a lot to instill pride in your hair and inspiring hair love for young girls.

This animation will help ensure that young children will get a good start appreciating the true reflection of their cultural identity at a younger age. Ideally, recognizing one’s identity enhances self-confidence and hair love and even self-love.

The film also helps change cultural perception of men and dads doing the hair of their little girls. We love seeing more and more fathers doing their children’s hair.

 PC Sony Animation PC Sony Animation

It may not always be easy to do children’s hair but the boost in their confidence far outweighs the challenge.

We need more representation of Black culture and identity in media and are thankful to Matthew A. Cherry and Sony for this animation.

Here’s to more Hair Love stories.

If you’d like to read more books about loving your hair, we found a great blog post over at Comfy Girl with Curls


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