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Aja Brown, Compton’s Youngest Mayor, Re-Elected For Second Term

Having won a second term in the office of the mayor of Compton, Aja Brown is thankful for the continued support the people show in her strive to continue working for the people. At just thirty-one, she won her first term with sixty percent of the votes. Her twelve-point plan incorporated the growth of the economy and youth development.

“Employment rates have dropped from 18.5 percent to 7, so we’re focusing on the last 7 percent to make sure Compton residents are involved in the beautiful restoration of our city,” Brown said (Black Main Street, 2017).

After the second win, the re-elected mayor of Compton promises the biggest reconstruction project in Compton. It is through the restoration of older buildings to modernize them. Moreover, she articulates her desire to prepare reforms in property tax . . .

Read more at Black Main Street

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