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How a {Free} Board Game is Helping Fight Racism

Martin Luther King Jr. Day is upon us.

Today marks the day we celebrate his life and his teachings. A leader who fought for racial equality, Martin Luther King Jr. used civil disobedience and nonviolence to bring about change during the civil rights movement. We also recognize his day as a National Day of Service whereby volunteers work to improve their communities.

“If we are to have peace on earth, our loyalties must become ecumenical rather than sectional. Our loyalties must transcend our race, our tribe, our class, and our nation; and this means we must develop a world perspective.” ~Martin Luther King Jr.

However you spend the day, take the time to reflect on his messages of hope for a better future and look for ways you can make a difference. My family and I spent time getting a chance to check out the work of activist, Kesa Kivel, and the work she is doing to fight racism with her free board game aimed to help fight racism.

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Pick up any newspaper or check in on social media and you’ll see that racism and inequality is everywhere. We are living under massive amounts of racism so it’s up to individuals, like Kivel, who are working hard to help combat racism.

Kesa Kivel Photo Credit: roadtoracialjustice.org

Kivel has created a free powerful tool as a way to dismantle racism. Unlike any other game we have played, ‘Road to Racial Justice’ provides a meaningful, interactive experience that combines social justice issues and awareness. With its prompts, dynamic conversations can be had between family, friends or classmates.

‘Road to Racial Justice’ combines situations and options that will help empower each of us to bravely and safely discuss experiences and help reduce prejudices. While educating people, this game encourages us to have conversations about racism and race relations in a more palatable manner.

Photo Credit: www.roadtoracialjustice.org

Racism is complex and something that exists in a variety of ways like structural, interpersonal, individual, institutional and cultural. These types of racism are explored via recognizable situations on the board game and then asks you to explore what could do in these situations.

Photo Credit: www.roadtoracialjustice.org

How can ‘Road to Racial Justice’ board game help combat racism you ask? The answer is that it’s a strategy that helps teach about social justice and allows us to talk openly about racism, explore white privilege, and understand that words matter.

Photo Credit: www.roadtoracialjustice.org

As you move through the board game, you begin to understand the complex culture of racism, lived experiences (that may or may not be your own) and provide context of what individuals may navigate on a daily basis.

It’s a free tool to add to your arsenal.

It’s providing an opportunity to help us understand one another.

It’s building self-awareness by illustrating what may be racist that you may or may not have thought of before.

Photo Credit: www.roadtoracialjustice.org

As you work through the board game and hit the bonus card, you can be proud of the work you have done. You’ve explored various scenarios, identified different types of racism and provided concrete examples for what to look for and what steps to take to interrupt racism utilizing practical action-based solutions.

Everyone who downloads and uses Kivel’s board game is a winner.

When you print the pages and work through the board game, you are holding space to talk bravely about racism.

As we reflect on the work of MLK and try to walk in his light, let us take his uplifting message into our everyday life.

Let us continue his anti-racist work and look for ways to fight for equality in our world today.

Now head here to request the free game.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. All reviews and opinions expressed in this post are based on my personal view.

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