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It’s Loving Day Here in America

It’s Loving Day here in America.

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June 12, 1967 after an almost 10-year battle with the state of Virginia that went all the way to the Supreme Court, the judgement came down that laws against interracial marriage (known as “racial integrity laws”, the irony is not lost on me) were unconstitutional, which barred another 16 states from enforcing those same laws they still observed.

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For context, Woodstock was just 2 years later.

So please remember today, June 12, 2020 what it took for love not to be a crime in this country.

Please remember that it took formation, deposition, delegation, deliberation, mediation, legislation, donation, and determination,

For love to win.

For love to be acknowledged and accepted as not illegal, and not a crime punishable under law.

For love to matter actually.

It took all of that for love to survive.

So as you sit there, you a mixed person; you cocktail of delicious glory, in whatever combination of colors and cultures that couldn’t be sang of better than Curtis Mayfield in the Makings of You.

The Government didn’t think your life mattered either. Didn’t think your life should exist.

We stand in solidarity with Black Lives Matter the same way the Lovings would stand for that today.

We stand for love. Because love doesn’t exclude any color in its rainbow. Please continue to https://blacklivesmatter.com/ and join the stand.

Ronnie Nells

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