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We are one week away from The Michelle Obama Podcast!

The Michelle Obama Podcast
Image Source: Spotify

Michelle Obama knows it’s been a tough year. 

Last week, Spotify announced the former First Lady would be making her way to the streaming platform. The hope is her new podcast will help us work through these hard times. We are now officially one week out from its premiere! 

The project began when the Obama’s production company Higher Ground launched an exclusive partnership with Spotify last summer. Michelle’s podcast will be just the first project of many. 

“My hope is that this series can be a place to explore meaningful topics together and sort through so many of the questions we’re all trying to answer in our own lives,” Michelle said. “Perhaps most of all, I hope this podcast will help listeners open up new conversations—and hard conversations—with the people who matter most to them. That’s how we can build more understanding and empathy for one another.” 

The release comes as the nation grapples with the pandemic, Black Lives Matter movement and instability of President Trump and his administration. The opportunity to listen to Michelle on a regular basis, someone with years of public service experience and a realist-optimist attitude, feels reassuring. 

Creating an open space

The podcast follows a series of creative endeavors by Michelle. She released memoir “Becoming” in November 2018, and recently followed that up with a Netflix documentary of the same name. 

Episodes will touch on sibling relationships, raising children, girlfriends, women’s health, mentorship and marriage. As the podcasts centers around conversations, Michelle will be joined by a variety of guests, including OBGYN Dr. Sharon Malone, Craig Robinson, Valerie Jarett, Conan O’Brien and Michele Norris. 

“We’ll be discussing the relationships that make us who we are,” Michelle explained, an idea that carried the stories she told in “Becoming.” “[My hope is it’s] a place to open up and be a little vulnerable. And have some fun along the way.”

Watch Michelle’s full announcement below. You can stream the podcast on Spotify beginning July 29.

Haley Bosselman
Haley Bosselman is the editor-in-chief of Culturas. She grew up in Orange County and moved to Los Angeles after earning her bachelor's degree in journalism from Arizona State University. In May 2020, Haley completed the Master of Science in journalism program at the University of Southern California. She's written a lot about music, but is geared toward any culture-related storytelling.
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