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How to talk to your kids about the police

Kids are endlessly inquisitive. Sometimes they ask some pretty strange questions. Then there are the tough questions. The ones that make you wonder how can I be honest with my kid, but answer with enough sensitivity because they are, well, a kid? 

With the current wave of the Black Lives Matter movement and surging calls to abolish the police, it’s important to talk to kids about what’s going on. Not only do we want to keep them from absorbing ill-informed opinions they hear on TV or the internet, but we want to raise smart, kind humans. Are you wondering where to begin?

When it comes to talking to kids about the police, Portland Childcare Collective thankfully made a guide. The collective prioritizes offering childcare for organizations led by and that serve POC, queer and low-income communities, among others. Their aim is to “help imagine and realize a world that respects the inherent value of all people and that prioritizes a shared sense of care above all else.”

Image Source: PDX Childcare Collective

Image Source: PDX Childcare Collective

Image Source: PDX Childcare Collective

Image Source: PDX Childcare Collective

Izzi Vasquez, who created the graphics, is a Chicana artist from Texas, now based in Chicago. Her collaboration with the Portland Childcare Collective is an opportunity to kick off a conversation with your kids about law enforcement. 

The guide is only the beginning and really serves as a jumping off point. As put by the Portland Childcare Collective, “These slides offer just one part of what conversations may come. Further conversations may include discussions about police history in the U.S., how they are connected to white supremacy, and imagining a world without police. This is just the start.” 

To learn more about the federal occupation of Portland, you can read more at The Oregonian or Portland Tribune. Looking to help? You can find more resources here.

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