El Paso Strong


Last year a tragedy unlike any other befell El Paso, Texas. A white supremacist armed with a semi-automatic rifle targeted a local Walmart. The attack left 23 dead and 22 injured. It was the deadliest attack on the Latinx community in history. 

On the anniversary of the shooting, Twitter came together to honor the 23 souls who lost their lives. Tweets came flowing in about the lack of front page news for the anniversary.

The El Paso community set up vigils yesterday around Ponder Park. Most notably, 23 black crosses barring the victims names held up by various El Paso community members. 

 Politicians including Rep. Grace Napolitano, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Rep. Veronica Escobar made statements calling for action to end gun violence in the United States. Former Vice President Joe Biden made a statement on Twitter as well, calling for Americans to come together. 

“That charge feels more important than ever,” Biden said. “ This is our fight — and together, we will win.”

President Trump has yet to comment on the anniversary of the tragedy. 

Twitter: The Voice of the People

Families of the victims attended these vigils yesterday. In a touching moment captured by the El Paso Times, Rep. Escobar gave white flowers to one of the victim’s wife. 

Danza Azteca Tlaneztica performed dances as a tribute while the crosses were set up at the Walmart memorial site. The dancers wore traditional Aztec garb while moving to thunderous drums.   

Twitter has been a reliable source of information and a voice for the people from day one. The Twitterverse is a space to share unique perspectives and personal anecdotes. Many El Paso community members have shared their stories about what it felt like to live through the shooting last year. 

Local artist @gabaldonart used his skills to honor the victims. 


Many locals shared thoughts about the anniversary. User @alexandertheOK went a step above and called for unity in the community in the following tweet. 

Finally, Midland Texas Criminal Defense Attorney Sara Spector shared powerful words about the politics of it all.  

How can you get involved? 

We are on a possible brink of change in America. The most important action to do now is to honor those fallen by taking action to end gun violence and racism.

The killer is still alive and well, facing trial for the senseless murders that took place at Walmart last year. 

El Paso has been trending on Twitter since last night, and while that is impactful, it is important to honor the victims in meaningful ways. 

Zoe Saladana, among others, have shared this resource on their Twitter accounts. 

The link in the call for action slides takes you to Voto Latino where you can read about the El Paso mass shooting’s effects on the Latinx community and register to vote. The website is aiming to have 1 million Latinx voters for the 2020 election. 

Register to vote for: 

Jorge Calvillo Garcia

Adolfo Cerros Hernandez

Guillermo Garcia Sifuentes

Maria Eugenia Legarreta Rothe

Ival Filberto Manzano 

Gloria Irma Marquez

Elsa Liboria mendoza Marquez

Sara Esther Regalado Monreal

Juan de Dios Velazquez Chariez

Alexander Gerhard Hoffman 

Andre Pablo Anchondo 

Arturo Benavides

Leonard Cipeda Camos

Maria Flores

Raul Flores

David ALvah Johnson

Luis Alfonzo Juarez

Maribel Hernandez Loya

Javier Rodriquez 

Margie Reckard

Teresa Sanchez de Freitas

Angelina Silva-Eglisbee