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Easy houseplants for families to take care of together

Looking for a new best friend? Do the kids keep asking to get a pet? Or maybe you’ve just hit the point in quarantine boredom where you need to look at anything different. Culturas has a solution.

While we all spend more time indoors to keep ourselves and others safe, there has simply never been a better time to get an indoor plant. Not only are plenty of plants easily manageable, but they are also cute and funky-fresh. 

You can make an Instagram reel or Tik Tok about the growth of *insert plant name here* for the entertainment of friends and family. Regardless of the situation, indoor plants are trendy and a great way to introduce a green thumb within your household. Check out our list of low-maintenance plants below!



Otherwise known as “devil’s ivy,” pothos plants can survive with overwatering, under watering and little to no light. All the plants require is a rare bit of love, so if you fear commitment, this is the plant for you. Sadly for pet lovers, this plant is poisonous to dogs and cats. 

Jade Plant

Jade can retain water in its circular leaves for more than a month. Narcissists unite! Jade needs very little attention so go ahead and focus on yourself; continue your 16-step self-care routine. The plant thrives in a sunny south or west-facing window. 

Chinese Money Plant 

This lovely plant survives exceptionally well in shade. It is one step up from the previous plants, requiring weekly watering. One special part of this plant is the offshoots sprouting from the base of the stem can be potted and gifted.


Much like a lizard, Yucca is a sunbathing enthusiast! The plant needs very little water and best grows with a multitude of sun. Use a pot deep enough to balance the heavy stems. 

Spider Plant 

Creepy crawly spider plants are quickly growing. It produces many offshoots that are easy to re-plant around the house. Wannabe green thumb nation rise—  this is the plant to make it look like you’ve got the gift. Weekly watering and well-lit spots are recommended. 


Yes, it is the same thing as the sunburn cure. Aloe is a fairly common house plant that requires minimal care. Additionally, the plant is aesthetically pleasing and goes great on side tables that are missing that special something. Aloe only needs to be drenched once a week for the best results. 

Peace Lily


These lilies are perfect for those who identify as “overbearing over-waterers.” The plants can survive no matter how much water they consume. The flowers will bloom with enough light, creating a gorgeous diamond shape. 

Dragon Tree

BEWARE: Dragon Tree is not pet friendly and is toxic to dogs and cats. However, if you’ve made it this far and are a pet-free home, Dragon Tree is an easy plant to take care of. It needs minimal light and water. 

Phalaenopsis Orchid 

This native of Asian countries idealizes with little light and humidity. Not only is the purple hue of the flowers beyond gorgeous, it only requires weekly watering!

Crown of Thorns

While it is true the plant produces prickers, it is still just as lovable as any other. Crown of Thorns identifies as a succulent shrub and requires watering less than once a week. The blooms stunningly produce year-round.

Sophia Ungaro
Sophia Rose Ungaro is Culturas resident writing intern. Ungaro hails from San Pedro, California. Growing up with a Navajo/Meztizo mother and a Sicilian father has given Ungaro a unique perspective on the world. In 2021 Ungaro will graduate from the University of Southern California with a B.A. in Journalism. Her beats are race, pop culture, and entertainment.
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