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Super-duper pumpkin decorating ideas

As Halloween rolls around, it’s finally time to get carving! Grab your best knives and strongest gloves, and prepare to pull out guts full of seeds. 

Pumpkin carving is a staple of Halloween time and it is fun for all ages. However, every year it becomes harder and harder to channel each and everyone’s own creativity into unique pumpkin designs. To get your creative juices flowing, below are a few fun ideas to get you and your family and friends enthused about this season’s jack-o-lanterns. 

Route One: The Classic

The classic jack-o-lattern!

There is simply no way to go wrong with a classic pumpkin carving. Get a medium to large-sized pumpkin and a piece of paper. 

Call upon your inner Leonardo Da Vinci: it’s time to draw. Sketching out your design will be very helpful in the upcoming carving process. 

Any serrated knife will do for the splicing process. Use a thin sharpie to create dashed lines of your outline. The rest is the normal procedure: cut off the top, pull out the guts and then use a sharp serrated blade to cut out your design.

If creativity truly is not your thing, here are a few simple ideas of what to carve: a butterfly, a smiley face, letters (possibly your initials), cat, mickey mouse ears or a classic toothy, creepy jack-o-lantern. Never forget to roast your pumpkin seeds for a tasty snack on November 1st.

On Halloween, it’s very impossible to go wrong in terms of a classic family fun jack-o-lantern!

Route Two: The Artist

Cutely painted Frankenstein’s Monster and Vampire pumpkins!

If you tend to be more creative and less strategic, pumpkin painting is the answer for you. Paint any size shape and type of gourd. Options with painting are limitless: Harry Potter, candy corn, Batman or Captain America. 

However, if you are still interested in being strategic, patterns are a great option for pumpkin painting. Maybe one of your friends is really into the color pink. Great news for them because they can paint the entire pumpkin pink. Black polka dots on any shade pumpkins is simple for kids of any age. Feeling snacky, use light pink paint, add confetti-like lines and create a fun donut pumpkin! 

What’s more, pumpkin painting is perfect for flawless Instagram pictures, as well as a great activity for kids and parents.  

Route Three: The Craftsman 

One ingredient needed in the pumpkin crafting process is imagination and a bottle of glue. Some notable crafty creations include glue, such as “Candy Pumpkin Surprise!,” which includes layers of candy corn glued around the pumpkin. 

Another specialty pumpkin is a crayon rainbow pumpkin. You will need any crayon colors you would like, a pumpkin and a hairdryer. Optimally, the pumpkin should be flat and round. Place the colors in rainbow order or any way and turn the air dryer on high. As the crayons melt, the colors will combine and melt, creating a sealed, trickled wax around the pumpkin.

Lastly, never stop dreaming and get crafty! Glue magazine photos in collage form, paint the paste around your pumpkin and roll in glitter or wrap the pumpkin in toilet paper and stick googly eyes to create a perfect spooky mummy. 

If you’re feeling groovy, mix and match all three suggestions. Creativity in pumpkin decorating is endless.

Sophia Ungaro
Sophia Rose Ungaro is Culturas resident writing intern. Ungaro hails from San Pedro, California. Growing up with a Navajo/Meztizo mother and a Sicilian father has given Ungaro a unique perspective on the world. In 2021 Ungaro will graduate from the University of Southern California with a B.A. in Journalism. Her beats are race, pop culture, and entertainment.
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