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Another win: Judge invalidates restrictions on DACA

Over the weekend, a federal judge ruled Chad Wolf’s suspension of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program was not valid. 

The decision comes as a result of Wolf not serving lawfully as acting secretary of Homeland Security. Judge Nicholas Garaufis explained in his ruling that the DHS did not follow the lawfully designated order of succession, voiding Wolf’s power. 

The attempt to restrict DACA started with a June Supreme Court ruling that upheld the program. In response, Wolf announced in July that DHS would immediately reject all initial DACA requests and limit the period of renewed deferred action, among other changes.

“There are important policy reasons that may warrant the full rescission of the DACA policy,” Wolf said in the memo.

Garaufis’ decision continues the protection of nearly 649,000 immigrants brought to the United States as children. With approximately two months left in office, the ruling stalls major action by President Donald Trump and his administration to jeopardize DACA and its recipients. According to NPR, President-elect Joe Biden plans to make DACA permanent on his first day in office. He also vowed to stop the separation of immigrant families at the U.S.-Mexico border. 

In a footnote, Garaufis said, “The court wishes the Government well in trying to find its way out of this self-made thicket.”

Haley Bosselman
Haley Bosselman is the editor-in-chief of Culturas. She grew up in Orange County and moved to Los Angeles after earning her bachelor's degree in journalism from Arizona State University. In May 2020, Haley completed the Master of Science in journalism program at the University of Southern California. She's written a lot about music, but is geared toward any culture-related storytelling.
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