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Holiday streaming guide

Sugarplums, tinsel and hot chocolate, oh my! The holiday season is swiftly approaching and with that comes the need to snuggle up loved ones and watch a great movie. In order to help you get into the reason for the season, Culturas has gathered six of the most heartwarming and joy-inducing holiday movies across all streaming platforms. 


Home Alone” Collection – Disney+ 

“Home Alone” is a classic holiday romp with more than a few cultural timestamps. Sweaters, hats and scarves are dedicated to some of the most iconic quotes in the film (Merry Christmas ya filthy animal!). There is nothing quite like Macauly Culkin screaming after applying aftershave in “Home Alone” to get you in the holiday spirit. A suburban neighborhood in the midwest covered in snow, a child sledding indoors and Joe Pesci…what more could you want? Pour yourself a steaming cup of cider and curl up with those you hold dear. Enjoy the laughs and endearment of “Home Alone” today!


The Grinch” – Netflix

Last year, Illumination released their goofy and adorable spin on the classic Dr. Suess tale, “The Grinch.” Much like all movies released by Illumination, the animation adds a new level to the heart of the film. Leading the film is Benedict Cumberbatch, who’s American accent is iffy, but the voice acting still makes your heart grow three sizes for the Grinch. The movie reminds us that regardless of 2020 treachery, it is important to be kind to your neighbors and spread compassion. “The Grinch” is the perfect movie to stream while decorating cookies with the younger ones this December.


Die Hard” – HBO Max

For those of you who know a real-life Grinch, “Die Hard,” is the perfect festive movie for your situation. In the action-packed, sock-rockin’ film Bruce Willis plays John McClane, a New York City cop stuck inside a Los Angeles skyscraper where terrorists, led by Alan Rickman’s Hans Gruber, have taken over. Drama ensues as McClane spends his Christmas fighting for his life and the lives of so many others. So pop back a cold brew with boys, and celebrate the holidays with this iconic movie. 


The Santa Clause” – Disney+

This holiday classic follows Tim Allen when he accidentally becomes Santa Claus. The reason for the season is well-defined in this loving family film serving as a reminder to make meaningful memories with those who bring you joy. You’ll laugh, smile and maybe even shed a tear of joy. Nostalgia for the world of another time brings holiday joy for all ages. “The Santa Clause” is perfect to put on while putting up your lights or decorating the tree. 


Klaus”- Netflix 

The Academy Award-nominated animated film “Klaus” is a heartwarming adventure from start to finish. The Netflix original follows a selfish postman, voice by Jason Schwartzman, who forms a friendship with a shy toymaker. The toymaker and the postman team up to bring joy to their dark hometown. Sentimental and heartfelt, “Klaus” is perfect for feasting on a trio of popcorn with your family and friends. 


Dance Dreams: Hot Chocolate Nutcracker” – Netflix 

If you’re desperately missing live versions of The Nutcracker this year, Netflix has got you covered with their original documentary “Dance Dreams: Hot Chocolate Nutcracker.” The  documentary follows Debbie Allen’s career and spotlights her dance studio as they prepare for their Christmas show, “Hot Chocolate Nutcracker.” The film is coming to Netflix on November 27th of this year.


Sophia Ungaro
Sophia Rose Ungaro is Culturas resident writing intern. Ungaro hails from San Pedro, California. Growing up with a Navajo/Meztizo mother and a Sicilian father has given Ungaro a unique perspective on the world. In 2021 Ungaro will graduate from the University of Southern California with a B.A. in Journalism. Her beats are race, pop culture, and entertainment.
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