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Ford Motor Company Latino and Culturas partner on project to honor COVID-19 essential workers & heroes

Gratitude is Essential project aims to recognize heroes who have emerged during the coronavirus pandemic.
(Los Angeles, 12/2/2020) Culturas Media Platform and Ford Motor Company have joined forces to recognize, celebrate and honor essential workers during this global pandemic. From first responders and medical professionals to educators and grocers, a myriad of individuals have come forward to keep our communities safe, fed and healthy. The Gratitude Is Essential project is a collaborative effort to recognize and meet needs of these heroes that walk among us.
The collaboration has already found the resources and time to celebrate medical professionals at Dignity Health Hospital, Monroe Health Clinic, LAUSD educators, early education special needs teachers, firefighters and SouthLA cafe.
“Essential workers have been hit hard. They have put themselves at risk to help others [and] we recognize the work they do,” says Sonia Smith-Kang, Co-founder of Culturas. “We wanted to send our gratitude and thank them for all they do.”
Culturas is known for creating and discovering content that celebrates culture, diversity and inclusion. Throughout the year the platform collaborates with brands on events and initiatives that benefit the greater community. A global pandemic that disproportionately affects communities of color gave Culturas and Ford Motors Company Latino more than enough reason to forge a relationship and joint initiative to help not only those in need, but also those lending a much-needed helping hand.
South LA Cafe is honored to partner with Culturas & Ford Latino to recognize our most dedicated and loyal employee Juan Carlos Mercado! He has played a key leadership role in helping us serve the South Central Los Angeles community during this time of need.” – Joe Ward-Wallace, Co-Founder of South LA Cafe
The first Gratitude is Essential event honored medical professionals at Northridge Hospital Medical Center.
Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, the steadfast support from our community members have lifted our spirits. Your generous gifts and donations were greatly appreciated by our healthcare teams. We are humbled by the generosity. From making financial contributions, donating masks, hand sanitizers and supplies to dropping off food, your gifts buoy our strength and help us make a meaningful difference.
Because of businesses and folks like you, we will remain strong.
From all of us at Dignity Health Northridge Hospital Medical Center, thank you.
You’re our heroes, too”! – Rich Kang Medical Director, Pediatric Critical Care Medicine, Dignity Health NHMC
Keep up to date on upcoming stories and previous honorees with Culturas on Instagram (@culturas.us).
A special thank you from the partners of the Gratitude Is Essential project is extended to their individual sponsors and donors:
Bare Snacks, Card My Yard, CurlyChic Hair Care, CurlyKids Mixed Texture HairCare, Gogo Squeez, Gloria Govan Gorditos Granada Hills, Lola’s Baja Tacos, Mixed Up Clothing, Simple Grace Health & Beauty, SouthLA Cafe, Vandaele Homes, and Vibrancy Agency
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Delia Douglas Haight
Delia Douglas Haight
Delia Douglas is the owner of Vibrancy Agency, a boutique Public Relations & Marketing firm, illuminates the energy and life of Fashion, Beauty, Curve, Multicultural, and Socially-Conscious brands. Passionate about diversity, Delia is co-founder of Culturas, a media + tech platform creating and discovering content that celebrates culture, diversity, and inclusion. Women-led for all. Multiculti Corner, a diverse community of multicultural people and families for social, educational, and celebratory news and events. Mixed Heritage Day, a City of Los Angeles recognized annual event celebrating community, friendship, heritage, and inclusion. Additionally Delia is a board-member at Multiracial Americans of Southern California (MASC). As an advocate for positive body-image messaging within the media, Delia is a contributor for Slink Magazine, UK's premiere print plus-size fashion and lifestyle magazine. Catch up with Delia and her family on Instagram @heartandsol and her business @vibrancyagency
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