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APIDA Month: A News & Entertainment Guide

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May is Asian Pacific Islander Desi American (APIDA) Heritage Month. To celebrate, Culturas will be spotlighting the work and stories of Asian Americans these next few weeks. To start, here’s a list of five news and entertainment sites that discuss and highlight Asian American voices and culture. 

  • The Juggernaut

The Juggernaut is a platform that publishes stories about South Asians by South Asians (that are even written in fonts created by South Asians!), covering everything from how India is faring during COVID-19 to the legacies woven into Indian food and recipes to Pakistani pop-rock groups. Derived from the Sanskrit word “jagannath,” juggernaut is a “massive force, campaign, movement or object.” Like its namesake, The Juggernaut is dedicated to celebrating the South Asian community and “challeng[ing] and unlearn[ing] what our history books and community have gotten wrong.” You can find more of their work on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube

  • Character Media

Character Media is a media platform that has been reporting on Asian/Asian American culture, entertainment, and news since 1990. They “celebrate, curate, and analyze the rich trove of stories” within the Asian diaspora through their well-researched articles, interviews, and videos, all of which cover the latest APIDA news, films and shows, fashion, and even food. They also interview APIDA artists and entertainers to learn more about their inspirations, work, and experiences and host events, such as the Unforgettable Gala and Pro-Am golf tournament to further engage and spotlight the people in the APIDA community. To see more of Character Media, go to their YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

  • Mochi Magazine

Mochi Magazine is an online magazine that is a space for Asian/Asian American women to tell their stories and share their experiences. Their mission is to “amplify Asian voices and support the growth and inclusion of Asian American women” by providing resources and relevant stories for college students, writing about the model minority myth and the “bamboo ceiling,” highlighting Asian/Asian American female activists and reporting on and interviewing creatives about their latest work. They’ve interviewed a variety of women in the community, including YouTube beauty vlogger Michelle Phan, comedian Margaret Cho, and K-pop group f(x)’s Amber Liu, just to name a few and make sure to generate conversation about Asian/Asian American identity as it relates to everything. You can also check out their Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and events for more of their work.

  • NextShark

NextShark covers Asian and Asian American News, including business, culture, entertainment, and politics. They “strive to provide the best and up-to-date coverage for [their] communities all over the world” by publishing stories covering APIDA hate crimes as well as new APIDA businesses and nonprofits and APIDA artists’ latest works and accomplishments. NextShark’s work is also available on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram and their podcast, The May Lee Show

  • Al Jazeera

Al Jazeera is an independent, Arabic news channel that’s partly funded by the Qatari government. While they do a lot of reporting on the Middle East and its news and culture, they also break all kinds of global news and have been extensively covering the COVID-19 crisis and farmer protests in India as well as publishing op-eds about Dalit history, anti-Asian stereotypes, Kashmir and other news topics and issues that are unique to the APIDA community. They also are active on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.

Aarohi Sheth
Aarohi Sheth
Aarohi Sheth is a writer + artist originally from Houston, TX, currently pursuing a degree in journalism at the University of Southern California. She hopes to keep creating interdisciplinary work that pushes boundaries, empowers underrepresented communities and generates empathy in others.
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