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ICYMI: A century since the Tulsa race massacre, China’s three-child policy, and more

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China adopts a three-child policy amidst low birth rates

After a marked decline in births, China approved a three-child policy on Sunday. The move, approved by President Xi Jinping, comes after the decades-old one-child rule was scrapped in 2016 for a two-child one. The decision is being criticized by human rights organizations like Amnesty International, reported the BBC. They called out the Chinese government for regulating the individual’s reproductive and sexual rights.

An Israeli unity government threatens Netanyahu’s rule

An Israeli right-wing group is building a coalition to push out the country’s longest-serving Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government. The group is helmed by Naftali Bennett who is aiming to build a unity government. Bennett’s party extended an invitation to centrist leader Yair Lapid’s party. Lapid has until Wednesday to make a decision. Netanyahu claims the coalition would “weaken Israel”.

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Democrats block Texan Republicans’ voting restrictions

Democrats hindered the progress of a slew of voting restrictions that Texas Republicans were working to pass. On Sunday night, Democrats exited the state House floor leaving majority Republicans without the required quorum before the midnight deadline. The move killed Senate Bill 7 to be passed in this year’s legislative session. Among other features, SB7 is similar to poll taxes and other laws that have historically made it tough for Black and Hispanic communities to vote.

Osaka drops out of French Open citing mental health

Naomi Osaka has withdrawn from the French Open one day after officials threatened to expel her from the season’s second Grand Slam tournament, citing her absence at news conferences as the reason. Osaka revealed that she had been dealing with depression since the 2018 US Open. This is the first time the famously private tennis player (who is also the world’s highest-paid female athlete) has spoken about her mental health to Western media.

The 100th anniversary of the Tulsa Race Massacre

Today marks the 100th anniversary of the notorious Tulsa race massacre, a macabre event where a white mob razed the wealthiest U.S. Black community to the ground. For years on end, the massacre barely received coverage in newspapers, nor was it taught in schools. In fact, it entered American history textbooks only in the 2000s. Experts held the white community responsible for hushing up the crime, and the Black community initially never spoke about it out of fear that it could happen again.

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Critical race theory under Conservative fire

Critical race theory–the idea that racism is a systemic concept that pervades legal systems and other social structures to negatively impact people of color, rather than something inflicted by people with mere prejudices–is being looked at with renewed interest. The reason: many Republicans do not want it introduced to U.S. students when they learn history and civics in school. Critics of race theory even say it is racist to examine race in America through this lens. Other naysayers believe it is a Marxist idea that encourages white guilt.

Madagascar gets its first nonbinary character in time for Pride month

Dreamworks animated series, Madagascar: A Little Wild, will feature its first nonbinary character in the form of Odee the Okapi during the show’s Pride-themed episode (“Whatever Floats Your Float”). Notably, Odee will be voiced by Ezra Menas, an actor for Broadway’s Jagged Little Pill and the upcoming West Side Story movie, who identifies as nonbinary and goes by zie/hir/them pronouns. The episode was written by Laura Zak and the season premiered on May 27 on Hulu and Peacock.

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