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ICYMI: Scooby-Doo developments, Juneteenth, the Tokyo Olympics, and more

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The backlash against Asian Velma

Scooby-Doo fans were in a frenzy last week when Warner Bros. announced that Velma Dinkley’s character would be East Asian in Mindy Kaling’s adult reimagination of the series for HBO Max. But this isn’t Velma’s first time being cast as Asian. Hayley Kiyoko, an actress of Japanese descent, portrayed her in the 2009 and 2010 live-action remakes. Fans of Velma also reminded others of the character always pushing boundaries because she is also seen as a queer icon by many.

Iran’s new president gives tough opposition to Biden

Iran ushered in a new President over the weekend in the form of Ebrahim Raisi who had a landslide victory. Raisi as president-elect is already proving to be a challenge for the Biden administration as he has refused to meet with the U.S. President who is trying to reign in Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

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Sha’Carri Richardson and the Tokyo Olympics

Sha’Carri Richardson qualified for the Tokyo Olympics this weekend when she left her competition in the dust by winning her 100-meter run in 10.86 seconds. It’s one of the top 10 fastest runs in history, missing Florence Griffith Joyner’s world record by 0.24. She will be representing the United States and has a very real chance of winning gold. Meanwhile, the Tokyo Olympics will be allowing 10,000 domestic spectators per venue in spite of serious spikes in infections. The games will begin on July 23.

Pashinyan wins snap elections

Armenia’s acting Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan won snap parliamentary elections, which he called to ease anger over a peace deal he signed with Azerbaijan. The deal was regarding the occupation of the Nagorno-Karabakh region, an area held by Armenian forces for over 25 years. But with Pashinyan’s signing, Azerbaijan regained control of large parts of it. His Civil Contract party won 53.9% of the vote.

Sesame Street introduces a married gay couple and their daughter

Sesame Street introduced three new characters in a significant change: a married gay couple and their daughter. Alan Muraoka who directed the “Family Day” episode where the trio makes their debut, introduced them in a Facebook post: “I’m so excited to introduce Nina’s brother Dave, his husband Frank, and their daughter Mia to our sunny street.”

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Juneteenth becomes a federal holiday

Days after President Joseph Biden signed the order to make Juneteenth a federal holiday, the occasion that commemorates the end of slavery in the United States became the first major event that many Californians could celebrate as the state slowly opens up post-pandemic. “Black joy is a form of resistance,” said Brian Henry, a Juneteenth party organizer, to the Los Angeles Times.

Claudette regains tropical storm status

Claudette regained its tropical storm status after razing through Alabama and causing devastation along the coast of the Carolinas. A high risk of rip currents was posted for several beaches. The storm killed 14 people including nine children and one of their fathers. “Tropical Storm #Claudette will exit off the NC coast this morning, with mostly sunny conditions expected behind her,” The National Weather Service office in Morehead City posted on Twitter.

Rahm makes U.S. Open history

At 26, Jon Rahm became the first U.S. Open winner from Spain. His victory on Sunday was a remarkable feat because Rahm had to isolate a week prior to the tournament on account of testing positive for COVID-19. On June 5, while leading the game at the Jack Nicklaus Memorial Tournament, Rahm was asked to exit. “I thought, you know what, in case I play bad, I have an excuse. I have a bailout in case. I can convince myself, ‘Hey, I had covid,'” he told the Washington Post.

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