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ICYMI: Ida’s fury on the East Coast, an Auckland stabbing, and more

Manayunk Philadelphia Flooding from Hurricane Ida Schuylkill River overflowing damaged cars and buildings.
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Hurricane Ida unleashes fury on the East Coast

Hurricane Ida, the northeast U.S. storm that is seen as the result of climate change, killed more than 41 people across four states. Hundreds of thousands of homes in Louisiana, New York, Pennsylvania, and Mississippi remain without power. President Biden traveled to Louisiana on Friday to survey the damage. Most of New York’s subway system has been partially suspended because of the flash floods.

The Justice Department tries to oppose Texan abortion statute

The United States faced its most serious threat to the landmark Roe v. Wade abortion-rights ruling last week. The Supreme Court refused to block the new Texas abortion statute that bans abortions as early as six weeks into pregnancy. The statute does not make an exception for rape or incest. Attorney General Merrick Garland announced Monday that the Justice Department is exploring “all options” to challenge the restrictive Texan law.

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Auckland stabbing leaves six injured

A “violent extremist” stabbed at least six people in an Auckland, New Zealand supermarket on Sept. 3. Three of the six are in critical condition and one is in serious condition. Police killed the perpetrator within 60 seconds of the attack. Prime Minister Jacinda Arden labeled it a “terrorist attack” and said the attacker was a supporter of the Islamic State terrorist group.

Michael K. Williams and Willard Scott passes away

Michael K. Williams, the actor best known for starring in HBO’s The Wire, died on Monday from an unconfirmed cause. He was found in his New York apartment at the time of death. He was 54. 

Willard Scott who was the Today show’s weatherman for 35 years died at his Delaplane, Virginia home on Sept. 4. His wife confirmed the death and did not cite a specific cause. Scott was 87.

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