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Latinx activists you should know about

Latinx Heritage Month may have come to its end but it’s still a great time to support Latinx activists!

Daphne Frias

Daphne Frias’ activist career began after the Parkland shooting in 2018. While March For Our Lives events occurred across the country, Frias organized transportation for over 100 students to attend the event. In fact, in August 2019, she was appointed as the New York State Director for March For Our Lives. Frias has cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair. She does not hesitate to use her platform to advocate for people with disabilities. Frias was featured in news outlets ranging from Teen Vogue, to NBC News, to The Washington Post. Her primary areas of interest are gun violence prevention and the climate crisis. Follow Frias on Instagram to learn more about her and her passion for activism.

Anabel Hernández

 Journalist Anabel Hernández is the 2012 recipient of the Golden Pen of Freedom Award. She has covered issues of profound importance since 1993. Hernández revealed the alleged collaboration between US government officials and drug lords among several other pressing issues in Mexico. She has also covered political corruption, trafficking, and slave labour. Hernández demonstrated her commitment to her work even when her life along with her family’s were threatened. As a result of her investigative journalism, Hernández has had headless animals sent to her home, received several death threats, and had her home ransacked. But none of this has deterred her from continuing her work. 

Sara Mora

With over 200,000 Instagram followers, Sara Mora has been making waves in the activism sphere. As a DACA recipient after immigrating to the United States from Costa Rica when she was three years old, her primary interest is immigration reform. When former President Trump decided to rescind the program in 2017, she joined a lawsuit against Trump and his administration that resulted in Mora becoming a national voice against the oppression of the immigrant community. More recently, Mora founded a think tank initiative called Population MIC that aims to make storytelling more accessible to activists locally and globally. Follow Mora on Instagram to learn more about her and her work. 

Carolina Rubio MacWright

A Bogota, Colombia native until moving to the United States at 19, Carolina Rubio-MacWright possesses many interests. As an artist, immigration lawyer, and activist, Rubio-MacWright combined her passions to advocate for change. She has hosted and created numerous performances and installations meant to explain legal inequities. Having experienced the immigration process personally, she feels as though this knowledge helps her better serve her clients. To learn more about Rubio MacWright’s passion for the intersection of arts and activism follow her on Instagram.

Gabby Rivera

Gabby Rivera’s passion for writing and literature began at the age of 17 when she started attending a local cafe for poetry nights. This love of writing progressed with her releasing a novel titled Juliet Takes a Breath to great acclaim. The work garnered attention from Marvel Comics, making Rivera its first Latina writer. Her comic book  America is about America Chavez, one of Marvel’s strongest and most important Latina characters. Beyond her innovative work as a writer, Rivera is passionate about speaking on her experiences as a queer Puerto Rican from the Bronx. Follow Rivera on Instagram to follow her journey as a writer. 

Sam Stewart
Sam Stewart
Sam Stewart is a Culturas writing intern. She is currently a junior studying Cinema and Media Studies at the University of Southern California. Her passion for film and media has made her particularly passionate about issues at the intersection of race and entertainment.
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