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Centering Healing Justice

Screenshot from Culturas’s ‘Centering Healing Justice’ video produced by Priyanka Suryaneni

Visuals such as protests, organizing, or calls for policy changes come to mind when one thinks about the racial justice movement. But, within this framework, healing practitioners using traditional and indigenous methods are now taking center stage. They aim to propel the movement forward with the help of healing. 

“For us as Bipoc people, and particularly as black people…the only way street violence stops, the only state violence stops is if we interrupt our trauma,” said Cat Brooks, the executive director of Justice Teams Network (JTN). 

JTN is launching a new Healing Justice initiative that involves a training manual and a state-wide network for healers to facilitate their healing work. Culturas documented the story.

Priyanka Suryaneni
Priyanka Suryanenihttp://prisuryaneni.com
Priyanka Suryaneni is a documentarian and a social justice reporter with a deep passion for reporting uncovered issues. With over a decade-and-half of experience as a video producer, she is keen on telling stories that positively portray marginalized communities in both countries. Her work mainly revolves around local politics, grassroots initiatives, and equity. She can found hosting rooms on the social media app Clubhouse about visual storytelling and social issues in her free time.
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