Priyanka Suryaneni

Priyanka Suryaneni
Priyanka Suryaneni is a documentarian and a social justice reporter with a deep passion for reporting uncovered issues. With over a decade-and-half of experience as a video producer, she is keen on telling stories that positively portray marginalized communities in both countries. Her work mainly revolves around local politics, grassroots initiatives, and equity. She can found hosting rooms on the social media app Clubhouse about visual storytelling and social issues in her free time.

Bay Area community honors Michael Jonathan Cortez

On Sept. 13, Michael Jonathan Cortez was killed by an FBI agent in a local store on the 2500 block of Fruitvale. According to...

Centering Healing Justice

Visuals such as protests, organizing, or calls for policy changes come to mind when one thinks about the racial justice movement. But, within this...

Monalisa Barman’s fight for her education

'Meghalaya to Columbia University' is an online campaign that hopes to raise funds to sponsor Monalisa Barman’s education in the U.S. Earlier this March, Monalisa...

Oakland celebrates the defunding of the OPD

In a historic vote, the Oakland City Council redirected $18 million to invest in community programs for alternative violence prevention on June 24, 2020....
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