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Mexican Telenovelas and the Definition of Beauty

Some Mexican families gravitate around soap operas, famously known as telenovelas. The entire household knew they couldn’t distract grandma because it was her telenovela’s grand...

Take a note from Alopecia Awareness Month and celebrate your uniqueness

Kaili Fendrick started her year by doing motivational speaking. Even at just 12 years old, she has the intention to make an impact on...

She will be the first contestant with autism to compete in Miss Florida

TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — A Tampa Bay woman is about to make history as the first person with autism to compete in Miss Florida.The...

Hands Off: The Afro as an Object

By Pauline Campos She drew my hair. I’ve never seen myself in someone else’s drawing before. She drew MY hair. She knows what it feels...
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