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Red & Olive Co. are Redefining the Doll Industry

Red & Olive Co.'s co-founders, Destiny Conner and Lita Barreda are making dolls stitched with love, stories, and a mission. Their tight bond as a...

Not Everyone’s a Barbie Girl: a timeline of the iconic doll’s Eurocentrism

This National Barbie Day, we’ll be taking a look through some of Barbie’s ever-changing outfits, careers, body shapes, and skin tones, while dissecting the...

London Mum Launches Dolls With Down’s Syndrome, Anxiety And Autism In Drive For More Inclusive World

Originally seen on https://www.standard.co.uk A London mother has created a range of cuddly toys aimed at opening up conversations around different...

Mattel Adds Two Barbies With Disabilities to Its New Line of Dolls

Update: Mattel’s new wheelchair-using Barbie and Barbie with a prosthetic leg are now available for purchase. Part of Barbie’s Fashionista line, the...
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