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Washington representative celebrates heritage by wearing a hanbok at swearing in

Among the most diverse Congress in history, Rep. Mariyln Strickland, D-Wash., honored her heritage by wearing a traditional Korean hanbok.  https://twitter.com/RepStricklandWA/status/1345913491186716672 Strickland is the first African...

Culturas Corner: Meet Rep. Stephanie Byers

Culturas Corner highlights individuals who make their community a better place through their work, business, volunteering or activism. Over the next few weeks, Culturas...

House votes for federal decriminalization of marijuana

This morning, the House of Representatives passed the MORE Act (H.R. 3884), which would federally decriminalize marijuana.  https://twitter.com/RepJerryNadler/status/1334924286256160771 Though the bill could face the Republican-majority Senate,...

Election 2020 update: Biden takes the lead

Just after 2 a.m. PST, Georgia turned blue. The typically red state now has Joe Biden in the lead, in addition to Arizona, Pennsylvania...
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