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Culturas Cuisine: San Pedro Peanut Butter Roll-ups 

Sophia Ungaro, a Culturas team member, from San Pedro, California, brings us her recipe for San Pedro Peanut Butter Roll-ups.   Thank you for sharing your...

8 Year-Old Mexican Girl Invents A Solar Water Heater & Wins Nuclear Science Prize

As previously seen on www.collective-evolution.com by Joe MartinoInnovation comes from all ages, and this is further seen in the story of Xóchitl...

Mexicana Who Worked As Translator For Migrant Kids Wins MacArthur Genius Grant

Valeria Luiselli has been awarded a $625,000 "Genius Grant" by the MacArthur Foundation for her "exceptional" work.Luiselli, a Mexican-born writer and advocate, has been...

Mexico is chosen as the friendliest country in the world

According to Internations, a list was made with the 10 friendliest countries in the world. At number 10 is Portugal, a country with very good...
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