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How Spanish expands itself for inclusivity

In late August of 2021, a Mexican student was participating in a virtual classroom discussion. In the Zoom window, next to the student’s name...

Earlier is Better When Learning a Second Language

Previously posted on www.spartaindependent.co by Hanna Katherine Wickes Learning a second language takes time, practice, and a whole lot of work....

Expert: Bilingual students more likely to succeed in school, go to college

Maria FranquizMaria Franquiz, a bilingual education expert and University of Utah professor, talks with students at Cedar Ridge Elementary School early this week before...

The benefits of raising a bilingual child

BY K. LORI HANSON, PH.D THECHILDRENSTRUST.ORG Habla espanol? Or èske ou pale kreyòl? Or perhaps you’re fluent in another language — or just want...
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