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Tag: Thanksgiving

California sees highest number of COVID-19 hospitalizations over holiday weekend

California surpassed its previous record of COVID-19-related hospitalizations, totaling 7,415 on Saturday. The increase in hospitalizations is more worrisome than the recent increase in cases....

How to have a pandemic-safe holiday season

Adapting to COVID-19 protocol has been ongoing for most of the year, but we are headed for arguably our biggest challenge yet: the holidays....

As A Native American, Here’s What I Want My Fellow Americans To Know About Thanksgiving

Native Americans don’t just live on reservations, we live in cities, and we live internationally. I grew up in the Silicon...

Decolonizing Thanksgiving Is An Oxymoron – Kids Books Dismantling The Myth of a ‘First Thanksgiving’

In his post: Teach your kids the truth of Thanksgiving – modeling generosity and gratitude all year long – but don’t...
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